Best Full Screen Clock

Best Full Screen Clock (S60 1st + 2nd) 1.0.1

A clockface in full screen mode


  • Seven stylish skins
  • Backlight mode
  • 'Always on' setting


  • Dominates the phone somewhat


I always dreamed about owning a Rolex then my dream came true a couple of years ago when I bought one for 10 dollars in a local market. I was over the moon - for about a week, then the big hand fell off. Since then I've not bought a new watch and just use my mobile to check the time.

Imagine my joy when I discovered I can now combine my passion for fine timepieces with my desire not to wear a watch. Best Full Screen Clock allows you to transform your phone's clock by choosing from a series of stylish skins featuring some of the best stainless steel watches you'll find anywhere in the World.

The add-on uses the entire surface of your phone's screen for the display of the timepieces. The shareware brings seven cool designs to your mobile. Once you settle on a layout you really like, it can be set to "Always On" and you can also set the backlight of the screen so it always shines.

Ultimately the full-screen display can become a little intrusive, but if you like your bling then Best Full Screen Clock is worth downloading.

FSClock turns your mobile into exclusive watches, showing cool looking skinable clock in full screen mode on your mobile.

Not so long ago when you wanted to know the time you looked at your wristwatch. Now you look at your mobile. Best Full Screen Clock combines both. Attractive skins, eye appealing design, and many other options make this small tool a nice add-on to the functionality of your mobile

The application supports all known screen sizes and comes with 7 skins of some exclusive watches models so you can select the clock model that fits you the best.

The backlight "always on" mode allows the application to be used as a cool looking desktop clock. You can also customise the second hand's behaviour (hide it always, show it always, or automatically hide it after the specified amount of inactivity).

The most customisable clock you'll find.

Best Full Screen Clock


Best Full Screen Clock (S60 1st + 2nd) 1.0.1

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